Big-Time Butter Baron 大牌奶油方塊男爵

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遊戲說明 : Big-Time Butter Baron 大牌奶油方塊男爵,是個俄羅斯方塊類型的遊戲,玩家要幫黃油男爵堆放他的奶油方塊,盡量在每一層都堆滿這些生產出來,長的跟俄羅斯方塊一樣的奶油方塊,才能順利過關。

Description :

A.P.Butterworth runs the most successful butter factory in the world, but he can't remain the biggest of the Big-Time Butter Barons without the right staff! Clock in at the butter factory and slot together those butter shapes ready for delivery in this creamily-smooth puzzler!


Controls :

Get to work on the factory floor packing the butter shapes as tightly as possible onto the board! Use the mouse to place them, and the arrow keys (or Z/X, A/S) to rotate the shapes. Fill over 50% of the board and the butter will be sent off for delivery. Watch out for 'blocker' and 'eraser' shapes...


Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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