Line by Line 一行接一行

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遊戲說明 : Line by Line 一行接一行是一個畫面很漂亮的遊戲 遊戲開始的時候 畫面會由右向左移 玩家要使用滑鼠點擊畫面上切成一片片錯亂的圖形 讓圖片互換位置 把整張圖型完整的呈現出來 遊戲的速度會越來越快 圖片的分割也會越來越多 看玩家是否能夠經得起考驗 

Cross the line every day into all-new jigsaw fun. We've taken photos, cut them into vertical tiles, and rearranged the pieces. Move each tile to its correct location within the photo before the image moves out of frame. This fast-moving challenge will keep you on the go with a new puzzle every day and 5 cool power-ups. Get moving and play today - and tomorrow!


Use your Mouse to click or drag tiles to place them in their correct location. Solve the puzzle before the pieces reach the left end of the screen.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.


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