The Soul Driver 靈魂駕駛

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遊戲說明 : 按住你的帽子,跳進車子裡,在道路上飛速的急駛,閃避地面的障礙 警車的追捕,以及超速的罰單,直到穿過墨西哥的邊境(42英哩),玩家在這個遊戲中,不但要駕駛車子,躲過道路上不斷出現的障礙,還要把警車撞爛,並到商店購買車子的升級設備,遊戲中有6個挑戰以及24種特殊的成就,等著玩家去完成。

Description :

Grab your hat, get into your car, flee the police force and reach the Mexico frontier (42 miles) in this crazy pursuit game. Buy upgrade, smash police cars, avoid tons of obstacles. 1 game, 6 challenges and 24 special achievements wait for you.


This is our first game. Please, just let us know what you think of it. And if there is something you dislike, or if you find a bug just tell us ! We will be happy to improve the game for you.

Controls :

Arrows keys to move
F to Accelerate
D to Brake
Space to Boost
S to use Wipers
P to Pause
If the game lag, choose low quality in Options.
If you feel that controls are slow, just buy some upgrades !

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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