Castle Commander 城堡指揮官

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Castle Commander 城堡指揮官遊戲說明 : Castle Commander 城堡指揮官是一個即時的戰略遊戲,玩家要運用資源,靈活的戰術和魔法,攻佔城堡增加資源,以及打敗蜂擁而來的敵人,使用滑鼠指揮部隊戰鬥,以及 選擇魔法醫療部隊或攻擊敵人的戰士,成為最終勝利的一方!

黛文娜大陸失陷了,國王也死了。玩家扮演王國的繼承人,玩家可以成功的帶領你的部隊,抵禦敵人的進攻,並且 戰勝敵人得到最後的勝利嗎 ?

Use cunning, tactics and magic to become the ultimate general in this resource-free real time strategy game!

Castle Commander 城堡指揮官

The land of Davana is sinking and the king is dead. You are his heir and it falls to you to lead your people to higher ground. But beware - power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! Will you be able to resist the temptations of tyranny as you lead your army across besieged lands and your lust for power continues to grow? Follow the engaging story as you slowly realise that you may not have been fighting on the side of good after all...

Castle Conqueror is an epic-battle real-time-strategy in which the aim is to conquer all the castles on the map. Much like Dawn of War, the emphasis here is on fighting and capturing specific control points - in this case a variety of castles - in order to control the whole map.

- Choose from 4 kingdoms and command huge armies in epic 4 way battles
- Battle through 15 levels across 3 unique themes
- Unlock and upgrade 6 unique spells (including stealing enemy units, fireballs, blood lust, freeze and more)
- Compete for a 3 star rating and save your best times
- Unlock trophies

Tutorial in game.
Click and drag to create a selection box around the desired units. Click again to issue orders to your units.
Capture castles by positioning units nearby to them.
'Space' to deselect units or spells.
Click on a spell to activate it, click again to cast it. Alternatively use the number hot-keys.
'Escape' or 'P' to pause

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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