Granny Strikes Back 老奶奶大反擊

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遊戲說明 : 這個遊戲的故事是發生在森林深處,在那裡有一位老奶奶獨自一人住在遠離文明的森林裡。但是有一天,一架飛碟墜毀在她家的附近,從此奶奶的和平生活就走到了盡頭... ... 玩家使用鍵盤操作老奶奶的行動以及使用滑鼠瞄準射擊 玩家還可以移動到植物的位置收成植物以及播種 還有移動到可以設置防禦的地點建設防禦工事 有許多關卡 以及 升級的道具

This story happened in deep forest, where old Granny lived far away from civilization. One day a flying saucer crashed near her house, and Granny's peaceful life came to an end...

Game features:
- Shoot your enemies with an unusual gun that shoots fruit and vegetables!
- Grow various plants to get ammo!
- Build defence structures to protect your border and house from enemies!
- Gain experience, improve your skills, get money and buy useful items in the shop.
- Complete 50 missions with 5 different modes and complete 100 unique quests to gain all achievements and unlock more exciting challenges!

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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