Sichuan Mahjong 四川省麻將 小版面

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遊戲說明 : Sichuan Mahjong 四川省麻將 是很有趣的遊戲喔~  玩法也很簡單 只找到相同的牌就可以把他們連起來 然後消去

Aside for being famous for its delicious and spicy food, Sichuan is known as the province for two favorite leisure time games: Mah Jong, and DouDiZhu (a card game roughly translated as "fight the landlord").

Sure, Mah Jong is a Chinese game enjoyed all over China and probably all over the world, but this is a game that's played by Sichuan residents 24/7. Probably everyone knows how to play this game in Sichuan.

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