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Farm Frenzy 2 模擬農場2

遊戲說明 :  這是模擬農場的二代 遊戲進行的方式與第一代一樣 玩家必須在每一關完成指定的目標 並且防止野生動物破壞農場 二代的遊戲畫面比較漂亮 也增加了不少的動物與遊戲細節  要注意每個關卡都有一個金牌得分時間 要在時間內完成才能夠得到金牌 是個很不錯的遊戲喔

Farm Frenzy 2 will give you a newfound appreciation for Old MacDonald! With a click, click here and a click, click there, you’ll be feeding chickens, collecting eggs, stocking up your warehouse and shipping your goods off to market. When you earn enough money, you’ll be able to upgrade your buildings to work faster and buy new equipment that can manufacture the goods consumers want.

With colorful 3D graphics, heel-kickin' music and hours of down-home gameplay, Farm Frenzy 2 offers a bumper crop of fun!

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