Hostile Skies 空戰追擊

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遊戲說明 :  這是一個橫捲軸的空戰射擊遊戲 玩家扮演一次大戰時的英國皇家空軍 駕駛著戰鬥機在天空追擊德軍的戰鬥機 要小心的是當到達任務完成的機場時要降低速度 才能安全降落 否則會撞毀在跑道上喔

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Experience to be a pilot way back in the old days. Fly around in Historic planes and beat the enemy. They will keep coming but don't be nervous and do your job in this great game!!

Try to be the Top Gun of the old days.

Control your place using your MOUSE - move the mouse to the right to fly faster, and left to slow down. Use the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot your machine guns and use SPACEBAR to drop your bombs. To land bring plane down slowly and touch down as close to the end of the runway as possible.

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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