Words Warriors 文字戰士

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Words Warriors 文字戰士遊戲說明 : Words Warriors 文字戰士是個很特別的遊戲,畫面很有質感很漂亮的一個冒險及解謎類型的遊戲,你所扮演的主角, 將會由羊皮捲軸紙面的一邊, 割開畫面進入捲軸上文字的空間,行走在文字的行列之上,故事是由文字所敘述的內容來決定劇情的走向。

你必須使用你的想像力, 思考句子中的某些單字, 如 Sword 就可能是你可以使用的武器, 就像一開始的遊戲導引指示的方式, 你可以使用方向鍵移動你的主角左右移動到 Key 這個單字上,然後按向下鍵, 就可以讓你的主角彎下腰, 將 Key 這個單字變成真正的鑰匙, 拿著這把鑰匙開啟阻擋你去路的鐵閘門。

Description :

Words Warriors is a short and unique game in which you need to overcome obstacles by using the words in the text! , based on a previous prototype published here, with improved graphics and puzzles. Game is begin at a page. With guide to show you how to play. You need some more imagination on the sentence. focus on the particular word. Thinking about what thing can help you solve the problem.

For example!
You can use [left] and [right] key moving the Warriors. make him stand on thetop of [Key] word . And press [s] make your Warriors crouch down and transform this word into real Key to open the gate.

Controls :

Arrows to move, down to activate word


Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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