UndeadRun 殭屍快跑

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UndeadRun 殭屍快跑

遊戲說明 : UndeadRun 殭屍快跑是個橫捲軸跑酷類型的遊戲,你所在的城鎮已經充滿了到處爆走亂跑的殭屍,城鎮中的警察也到處疲於奔命, 無力應付這種突發的狀況,在這種狀況下你必須盡量取得能夠握在手中的東西來保衛你自己。



Description : Your town is overrun by zombies and the police is powerless to deal with this situation. Time to go berserk and take things in your own hand. Run, shoot and slice enemies in a city crawling with zombies. Fight against the king of the living dead and destroy everything on your path!

Run, blast, dodge, collect and kill your way through the street. Aim of your Undead Run is to run the whole distance to the end of the city and defeat the big zombie boss. Much fun! Battle on the streets, highways and piers. Use guns, swords and fire to kill zombie hordes. Collect the spoils of war left behind to upgrade your weapons and abilities to become a lethal hero.

Controls: Mouse

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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