Galaxy Siege 2  銀河採礦 2

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Galaxy Siege 2  銀河採礦 2遊戲說明 : Galaxy Siege 2  銀河採礦 2 是個是個輕鬆有趣的遊戲,需要戰略佈置以及成長經營的策略思考,在這個遊戲中你必須盡量的由散布著隨機資源的銀河當中,大量的攫取這些資源,用來購買不同的太空船模組,用這些不同功能的模組,設計改造你的太空挖礦船,建造出銀河系中最大最強力的挖礦船,並對抗各種阻擾你挖礦的外星生物,找出外星商務強大的基地,並摧毀他,只有打倒了守護星球的外星BOSS ,才能佔領星球。

Galaxy Siege 2  銀河採礦 2 比一代的畫面要漂亮精緻多了,每一次出航要在油料用盡前,盡量的取得資源,油料用完之後,就只能返航了,在廣泛的銀河系中,飄浮著許多的資源,還有一些有用的太空垃圾,取得的資源可以用來購買不同的太空船模組,以增加太空船的武裝防衛力量、航行的能力 以及 採礦的能力,購買或是撿到的的模組,會排列在倉庫中,使用滑鼠拖拉到要裝備的位置即可,裝備完了就可再一次的出航。

Description :

Galaxy Siege 2 has a exquisite style. Drag modules to spaceship for improve. Build your spaceship and go out to space! Design, upgrade and captain your spaceship as far as possible to capture the galaxy. Harvest space resources and buy new modules for your ship to destroy strong alien bases.

Every galaxy is fully randomized avoiding repeated games. Fight your way across the galaxy, mining resources, and building your spacecraft into the Greatest Of All Time.

Launch space ship and use keyboard or mouse to controll. Use mined resources to buy new modules in shop. Fun boss fights, plenty of weapon upgrades, groovy music.

Controls :


Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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