Decision 3 抉擇 3

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Decision 3遊戲說明 : Decision 3 抉擇 3 是個清除殭屍類型的射擊冒險遊戲,在經過前面幾代遊戲中的奮戰,你又來到一個被殭屍佔領的城市,同樣的你要跟在這個城市遇到的盟友一起戰鬥,一個區域一個區域的清除這些危險的殭屍,逐見的恢復整個城市各種設施的功能,保護這個城市中的倖存者。


Decription :

Decision 3 is a shooting Zombie game. Another city taken over with an epidemic awaits you. In Decision 3 you'll meet allies and restore urban facilities. Fight, conquer, reinforce and protect your growing group of survivors while ridding the metropolis of the plague.

You play as a grizzled ex-military man doing his part to stop the infection and reclaim the earth for the living. The world is divided into several locations with a central hub called the Reservation Camp, a safe zone that you're going to become very happy to return to as the challenge ramps up.

Each infected area has piles of trash you can rummage through, secrets to uncover, and survivors to team up with or abandon as you please. You can go on missions to push the story forward or just explore on your own time, picking off zombies and meeting the odd human who can join your ranks...

Being boxed into a corner futilely pumping bullets into an encroaching horde with a helpless survivor at your side is just harrowing, and these moments come frequently towards the middle and end sections.

Controls :

Explained in-game

Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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