Tetris 俄羅斯方塊

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Tetris 俄羅斯方塊遊戲說明 : Tetris 俄羅斯方塊是遊戲中最經典的遊戲了,在這個典型的方塊遊戲中,不同形狀的方塊,不斷的由畫面的頂部落下。玩家必須使用方向鍵來調整這些方塊落下的位置,讓這些方塊可以盡量的填滿一行行的空間,只要填滿一行就可以把填滿的這一行方塊消去,遊戲的目標是盡量的消去最多行的方塊,並留下空間給接下來要掉落的方塊,如果方塊頂到最頂上的時候,遊戲就結束了。


Description :

In this classic Tetris game, items of different shapes are falling down from the top of the image, one after the other. You have to move these items during their falling using the arrow keys to organise where it lands at the bottom of the image, in order to keep a maximum of empty space for the next items, because your objective is to get as much items as possible within the image. If you arrange them in such a way that a line becomes full (no empty square), this one will be removed and you gain free room.

To help you, while an item is falling down, the next item to come is shown in the upper right corner. If you should think that a piece is falling down too slowly, you can press the space bar to make it reach the bottom directly. This beta version of the game has 10 levels of difficulty. Have fun.

Control :



Please use this link to report any problem about game.

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You've gotten superb information in this article.
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It's class game. great game.
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