Pou 我的寵物

這是個下載次數超過 5 千萬次的寵物養成的遊戲,你可以在自己的手機上養一隻 可愛的Pou,一隻來自外星球的便便型寵物,餵他吃東西,給他洗澡以及一起遊戲 ,這個APP除了養成的遊戲部分,還有加上一些小遊戲,增加樂趣 例如 連連看 著色遊戲,有點像馬鈴薯先生的紙娃娃裝扮遊戲  等等 。

當你在手機上領養一隻可愛的 Pou 嗎?你會怎樣裝扮自己的Pou?


* 餵養,照顧它,看著它長大!
* 在遊戲廳跟它玩耍,收集硬幣
* 在實驗室體驗各種魔法藥
* DIY Pou 的外觀
* 嘗試新的衣服,髮型和眼鏡
* DIY 每個房間的壁紙
* 解鎖新的成就和特殊裝備
* 參觀和你的朋友一起玩

Pou offers a large selection of Pou-themed mini-games, and playing even one of them makes Pou a happy blob. None of the games are particularly original: There are a couple of variations on the match-3 formula, a Doodle Jump rip-off, a Bust-a-Move rip-off, and other familiar fare. There’s even a version of Connect 4 that you can play with a friend, provided someone signs up to play with you.

The games form the core experience in Pou, and while they’re all functional (barring the few tilt-based games, which you can’t calibrate), they’re not very impressive. Youngsters might be impressed with the experience, however. In fact, Pou is best suited for a young audience, period. Kids will love feeding Pou, dressing him up, and decorating his house. There’s even a feature that lets Pou parrot whatever you say into your device’s microphone—and yes, that includes swear words.


Google Play Link 遊戲的連結 : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.pou.app&feature=search_result&hl=en

App Store Link 遊戲的連結 : https://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/pou/id575154654?mt=8

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